Proceedings of 2018 ASEE Northeast Section Conference

Theoretical Approach in Reducing Total Network Power Consumption by Utilizing 5G Technologies
Alagappan Solayappan, Aarchi Patel, Viyaleta Peterson, Carey King, Venkateswarlu Nerusu, Mahendra Sai Mandalapu, Omar Abuzaghleh

Software Defined Networking (SND) earned more importance in the current era especially in the network ecosystem. SND has been implemented in the data centers and Wide Area Networks like Google’s WAN.  Software defined networking is a highly recommended and promising technology for the mobile environment like 5G mobile network as it can handle the complexity of the communication system. We expect future 5G network to have low power consumption and minimal delay, as well as a more flexible and secure architecture. Most of the research is concerned primarily with increasing energy efficiency and decreasing latency. Implementation of Software Defined Mobile Networking (SDMN) to control the range of cell site communication and device-to-device (D2D) technologies to enable the devices on the network to behave as routers between other devices and the cell site has the potential to significantly reduce the overall power consumption in the mobile network. Our research provides a theoretical approach for such model and shows that its implementation will increase energy efficiency in 5G.

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