Proceedings of 2018 ASEE Northeast Section Conference

United States Coast Guard Station Castle Hill Boathouse Design
Casey Anne Cruzpino
The current boat maintenance facility at Coast Guard Station Castle Hill in Rhode Island is struggling to keep up with over 200 search and rescue and law enforcement missions per year in the surrounding Newport-Narragansett Bay area. The newly constructed projected facility will account for the space required to properly maintain the 29’ Response Boat-Small II (RB-S), along with creating an accessible boat ramp on site. Space allocation for this new facility will be based on station needs and will be in accordance with the Coast Guard Shore Facilities Standards Manual. Careful consideration will be given to a functional layout of the space and will include: a boat bay, wet room, machinery shop, boatswain shop, offices, and restroom. Several options for a sewage treatment system will also be considered, including a holding tank, lift station, and leach field. With regard to the boat ramp, options range from building a gravel ramp located next to the boathouse to constructing a ramp that will be integrated into the new building. Being located on Narragansett Bay, wind loads will be calculated through the use of established procedures in the American Society of Civil Engineers Standard (ASCE 7-16). A spatial layout of the entire building including essential rooms, boat ramp design, septic system design, and 35% design of the structure itself will be presented in the report. These designs will be created and chosen based on various decision matrices that compare cost and feasibility of alternative options in each facet within the scope of the project.

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