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Student Posters

# Poster Author(s) Institute
1 Drag Reduction of Automobile Mirror by Moving Glass Location inside its Frame Hayder K. Sakran, Feixiang Ren, Junling Hu University of Bridgeport
2 Challenges of Cerebral Palsy Management Areej Alshehri and Christian Bach University of Bridgeport
3 Creating Successful Customer Satisfaction How to improve customer satisfaction in the market place your way Fadi Alsaadi, Christian Bach University of Bridgeport
4 The Application of Stakeholder Theory to Relationship Marketing Strategy Development in a Non-profit Organization Mamta Bhamre University of Bridgeport
5 High-throughput Microfluidic Droplet Dispenser for Lab-on-a-Chip Application Chenghui Jin, Xingguo Xiong , Prabir Patra University of Bridgeport
6 Leveraging Discrete Fourier Transform to Reduce Power Consumption in Underwater Wireless Sensor Network Communications Wafa Mohamed, Elmannai, Khaled Elleithy,Ajay Shrestha, Mohamed Alshibli, Reem Alataas University of Bridgeport
7 Digital Microfluidic Droplet Adapter for Board-level Biochip Integration Rui Zhu, Xingguo Xiong , Prabir Patra University of Bridgeport
8 Authenticated Multiparty Secret Key Sharing Using Quantum Entanglement Swapping Muneer Alshowkan, Khaled Elleithy University of Bridgeport
9 Gray-code Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs) for Glitch Reduction Simon Voigt Nesboe, Xingguo Xiong University of Bridgeport
10 Using Quality Control Methods to analyze student-performance fluctuations in educational software James Accuosti, Oludemilade Adewumi, Juliet Ekueme, Elif Kongar University of Bridgeport
11 MEMS-Based Complete On-Chip Smart Drug Delivery System Zixun Tong , Xingguo Xiong , Prabir Patra University of Bridgeport
12 TERP: A Trusted and Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) Marwah Almasri, Khaled Elleithy, Anas Bushang, Remah Alshinina University of Bridgeport
13 A New Programming Model to Simulate Wireless Sensor Networks: Finding the Best Routing Path Abrar Alajlan, Khaled Elleithy , Varun Pande University of Bridgeport
14 Reconfigurable Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) Micropump for Micro Drug Delivery Application Sk Hasan Hafizul Haque, Xingguo Xiong University of Bridgeport
15 Novel Steganography over HTML Code Ammar Odeh, Khaled Elleithy, Miad Faezipour, Eman Abdel Fattah University of Bridgeport
16 A Complete BioMEMS Lab-on-a-Chip for Disease Diagnosis Junyi Zou, Xingguo Xiong, Prabir Patra University of Bridgeport
17 COMSOL Simulation of MEMS Piezoelectrically Actuated Micropump Wei Zhan, Xingguo Xiong, Prabir Patra, Junling Hu, Chengsi Li University of Bridgeport
18 Adaptive Equalization: LMS, RLS and CMA Badr Alshehry, Ammar Odeh, Eman Abdelfattah University of Bridgeport
19 Enhanced Eye Gaze Direction Classification Using a Combination of Face Detection, CHT and SVM Amer Al-rahayfeh, Miad Faezipour University of Bridgeport
20 Robust Prediction For Intra and Inter Handoff (Rpiih) Process Over CDMA2000 Mohamed Ben Haj Frej, Christian Bach University of Bridgeport
21 A Gait Based Gender Classifier Using Kinect Yan Chen, Yawei Yang, Jeongkyu Lee University of Bridgeport
22 Modeling Iced Bio-Bandage Design for Skin Burns Arar Alkhader, Junling Hu, Akinwumi Akinkunmi, Prabir Patra, Xingguo Xiong University of Bridgeport
23 Random Word Retrieval for Automatic Story Generation Richard Steven Colon, Prabir K Patra, Khaled M Elleithy University of Bridgeport
24 Robot Artist- Automated Picture Portrait Abdulrahman Alkhodairy, Sarosh Patel, Tarek Sobh University of Bridgeport
25 Electrospun Composite Nanofibers in Early Detection of Femtogram C- reactive protein (CRP) Xiaonan Liao, Aphale Ashish, Isaac Macwan, Ruoqi Wei, Shalini Prasad, Prabir Patra University of Bridgeport
26 Simulation of Turbulent Flow in an Asymmetric Air Diffuser Abubaker Elbaloshi and Junling Hu University of Bridgeport
27 Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen: A Study of Japanese and American Approach OLuwaseun Peter Ojo University of Bridgeport
28 Applying Lean Six Sigma to Eliminating Bottleneck in Manufacturing by using Value Stream Mapping Basheer Mohammedalamin Alshengety and Elif Kongar University of Bridgeport
29 Social User Mining Mohammed Ali Ibrahim Eltaher, Jeongkyu Lee University of Bridgeport
30 UB Robot Swarm System: Design and Implementation Madhav D Patil, Tamer Abukhalil, Tarek Sobh University of Bridgeport
31 The Giza Pyramids: A History of Wireless Electricity Transmission Validated by Today’s Science Tamer Youssef, Khaled Elleithy University of Bridgeport
32 Successful Implementation of DMAIC for Food and Beverage Industry Ashwag G. Battarjee, Rana Algaydi, Satyabrata Sau and Elif Kongar University of Bridgeport
33 Feedback Controller Design and Test of a Buck- Boost Convertor for Photovoltaic Systems Jasim Alfandy, Linfeng Zhang University of Bridgeport
34 Energy Storage Using Graphene-Polymer Nanocomposite Thin Film Ashish N Aphale, Ruoqi Wei, Angela Santiago, Prabir Patra University of Bridgeport
35 Graphene & Graphene Oxide and amyloid peptides binding and its implications in Alzheimer’s disease Ashish N Aphale, Nicholas Huston, Johnson Prophete, Isaac Macwan, Shrinivas Bhosale, Anwesha Bhattacharya, Jennifer Cheng, Ishita Mukerji, Prabir Patra University of Bridgeport
36 Efficient Sleep Stage Classification Based on EEG Signals Khald Ali Aboalayon, Helen T Ocbagabir, Miad Faezipour University of Bridgeport
37 Critical System Event Prediction in Virtualized Cloud Computing Systems Yuanyao Liu, Zhengping Wu University of Bridgeport
38 A Novel Three-axis Comb Capacitive MEMS Accelerometer Zhefu Cao, Zhong Deng, Xingguo Xiong University of Bridgeport
39 PLC system for producing perforated music Kishan Gutta, Madhav Patil And Jack Toporovsky University of Bridgeport
40 Investigation of Energy Efficient Cluster Based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network Using Dynamic Nodes with the Comparison of Static Nodes Jsaem H ALmotiri, Salam Al-Khammasi, Dheyaa Alhelal, Abdulshakour A Abuzneid University of Bridgeport
41 Mobile Robots Exploration And Mapping in 2D Sithisone Kalaya, Hussain A. Alhazmi, Tarek Sobh University of Bridgeport
42 Portable Particulate Matter (PM) Sensor for Air Pollution Monitoring Zhan Zhao, Sk Hasan Hafizul Haque, Roshini Jayavel, Xingguo Xiong University of Bridgeport
43 Electrospinning of Flavin Mononucleotide-Functionalized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Ruoqi Wei, Ashish Aphale, Sina Sharifi, Fotis Papadimitrakopoulos and Prabir Patra University of Bridgeport
44 Design and Implementation of Metallic Waste Collection Robot Hesham Alsahafi, Majed Almaleky, Tarek Sobh University of Bridgeport
45 MD Simulation of Carbon Nanotube & Pulmonary Surfactant Protein Interactions Bhushan V. Dharmadhikari, Yunfeng Jiang, Prabir K. Patra University of Bridgeport
46 Computational simulation and analysis of the transverse isotropic property of glycosaminoglycan in collagen Yuying Bi, Prabir Patra University of Bridgeport
47 UBSwarm: Design of a Software Environment to Deploy Multiple Decentralized Robots Tamer Yousef Abukhalil, Madhav Patil, Tarek Sobh University of Bridgeport
48 Analysis of A Counter Flow Parallel-Plate Heat Exchanger Ruoxu Jia, Junling Hu University of Bridgeport
49 Shape Optimization Design And Material Selection For A Fitness Equipment Ruoxu Jia and Junling Hu University of Bridgeport
50 Understanding Your Social Security Benefit Xu Yang, Neal Lewis University of Bridgeport
51 Improving African Economy through Technology: A case for Technology Forecast Chinedu E Egbuonu University of Bridgeport
52 A Lab-on-a-chip Device for Telomerase Activity Detection based on ATP Bioluminescence System Chengsi Li, Wei Zhan, Xingguo Xiong, Prabir Patra University of Bridgeport
53 Synthesis of Green Nanoparticles from Pomegranate Juice and Peels Sama Abdulaziz Abdulmalik, Prabir Patra University of Bridgeport
54 Energy Harvesting Using Nano Fibers PVDF\ Graphene Composite for Medical implanted devices Nazar A Fadhil, Dleer Saber, Paris Cox, Kripa Vanashi and Prabir Patra University of Bridgeport
55 Object Tracking Using Autonomous Quad Copter Carlos Munoz, Tarek Sobh University of Bridgeport
56 A Pen Cartridge Assembly Mechanism Yang Zhai, Zheng Li University of Bridgeport
57 Evaluation of Second Generation Digital Video Broadcasting Toufiqur Rahman Chowdhury, Navarun Gupta University of Bridgeport
58 Hadoop Based Enhanced Cloud Architecture Hamoud Alshammari, Hassan Bajwa, Jeongkyu Lee University of Bridgeport
59 Microcontroller Implementation of Fuzzy Guidance System Ahmed ElSayed, Mohamed Rizk, Tarek Sobh University of Bridgeport
60 NETFLIX-Loyal Customer Base Nirmala Devi Jeyakumar, Christian Bach University of Bridgeport
61 High-Security, Clone-proof Wireless Access Control with Secure Distance Bounding Eugene P. Gerety, Khaled M. Elleithy University of Bridgeport
62 Knowledge Management Reem Mahjoub, Christian Bach University of Bridgeport
63 PeerVantage Reem Mahjoub, Adedamola Akinsanya, Wafa Elmannai, Samuel Erskine University of Bridgeport
64 Task Based Design of Serial Manipulators Sarosh Patel,Tarek Sobh University of Bridgeport
65 SKINcure: A Real Time Image Analysis System to Aid in the Malignant Melanoma Prevention and Early Detection Omar Abuzaghleh, Buket Barkana, Miad Faezipour University of Bridgeport
66 Building A Strong Brand and Managing Brand Nan Feng, Christan Bach University of Bridgeport
67 Wireless Capsule Endoscopy WCE In Digestive System Diagnostics Hussam Ghunaim, Christan Bach University of Bridgeport
68 High-Speed Automatic System Design For Inserting Copper Wire Into Plastic Blocks Yuanxiong Luo, Zheng Jeremy Li University of Bridgeport
69 The analysis of Ground Source Heat Pump systems cost in small scale supplies situation Wu Shi, Linfeng Zhang University of Bridgeport
70 Design of Manufacturing Process of a Part for Tele-Communication Edwin Divakaran Maria Selvaraj, Jeremy Zheng Li University of Bridgeport
71 An Adaptive and Automated Framework for the Evaluation of Visualization Tools Douglas Taggart, Adrian Rusu Rowan University
72 UNH Health Services Procedures and Patient Data Analysis Aamani Adepu,Nadiye O. Erdil University of New Haven
73 Design and Implementation of a Pure Sine Wave Single Phase Inverter for Photovoltaic Applications Mohamed Ali Ali Beni-suef University, Egypt
74 PAOL and Lecture-Viewer Ellysha Raelen Recto, Brendan Murphy, Ryan Szeto, Tung Pham University of Massachusetts Amherst
75 Multi-University Distributed Collaboration In Smart Car Gaming Walter Buchwald, Nicholas Rosato, Anthony Reid, Nurit Haspel, Andrew Grosovsky, Joel Jean-Claude, Sergio Cunha, Quenica Chen, Jacob Deguire, Caitlin McLain, DeAnna Robear, David McLaughlin, Warren Chan, June McCrae, Brian McDonald University of Massachusetts Boston
76 Using a Speaker System to Describe a Phase Array Antenna System BettyRose Santrach, Carlos Palenzuela, Paul Crilly, Richard Hartnett, Ali Reza U.S. Coast Guard Academy
77 VHF Hoax Detection Using the MUSIC Algorithm and Software Defined Radios Danyoung McGarry,Evan Truman,Paul Crilly,Richard Hartnett and Ali Reza U.S. Coast Guard Academy
78 Design of Affordable Wind Shear Detection System Samantha Gildersleeve, Stephanie Norris, Benny Tortorici, Andrew Wilson Roger Williams University
79 Heat Dissipation Design and Optimization Angelica Maria Perzan and Gregory Neville Roger Williams University
80 PERI Construction Exercise Ab Tony Sousa, Freddy Rivera, Patrick Rahm Roger Williams University
81 Site Feasibility Access Project Timothy Clarkin, Meagan Connelly, Noelle Laflamme, Tayla Mello Roger Williams University
82 Desinging a Unique Fog Generation System to Retrofit a Vintage Pinball Machine Richard Mendoza, Brian Stuckman, Anthony Melkonian, Alexander Gilman Roger Williams University
83 Herreshoff Maritime Museum Vanessa Camiolo, Kayla Newton, Zach Turner, Janelle Devereaux Roger Williams University
84 ProjectZero: Designing a Netzero Home Connor Stewart, Jacob Drouse , Felippe Navarro , Nick Mamais Roger Williams University
85 Collapsible Kid Cruiser Zachary Boorman, Richard Freitas, Kristie Kordana, Adam Stanley Roger Williams University
86 Assessing Hygrothermal Performance in Curtain Wall Spandrel Region Collin Crowell, Guleid Mohamood, Cameron Shea Roger Williams University
87 Historical Value Adding Consultants Cameron Wendler, Nick Farland, Justin Taylor, Trevor Larson Roger Williams University
88 Hidden in Plain Sight Wind Energy Conservation System Connor Needham, Jeremy Kacher, Rob Hutchins, Mathias Boyle, Susan Woodard Roger Williams University
89 Mobile Web GPS Application Eric Iannaccone Fairfield University
90 The Role of Mouth Shape on the Fluid Dynamics of Suction Feeding Katherine Mae Pitz, Samantha Canosa, Christopher P. Sanford, Shanon M. Reckinger Fairfield University
91 Automated Manufacturing Delivery System Brendan Peters, Alex Peras, Joseph Mastroluca, Diego Mamani, Jeffrey Denenberg, Shahrokh Etemad Fairfield University
92 Automation of Metallic Ribbon Bending Nicole D'Addio, Darren Mondezie, Rema Bhatti Fairfield University
93 SpinLeaf Claudele Pierre, Colin Nerich, Sharoz Seyal, Robert Governale Fairfield University
94 Development of Medical Device: Infrared Bone Mineral Density and Blood Flow Monitor Michael 1 Stephanie Sutherby , Rob Garrone , Joe Musubire , Dr. Munden , Dr. U Etemad Fairfield University
95 Development of Advanced Carbon Fiber Impact Absorption Structure for Formulae F Race Car Timothy Young, Slawek Guzierowicz, Eric Stephen, Chris Smith Fairfield University
96 Piezoelectric Generators: Supplemental Power Supply Without Changing Social Behavior Timothy A. Danforth and Dr. Can B. Aktas University of New Haven
97 Water Self-Sufficient Homes Pippa Ellis, Michelle Murphy University of New Haven
98 Photovoltaic Solar Array Implementation and Performance Tracking on Campus Erika Rose Vargas, Christopher S. Meffert, Can "Jon" Aktas University of New Haven
99 Expanding the Overall Efficiency of Tomorrow’s Data Centers Through Processor William H Putnam, Christopher Martinez, Alice E. Fischer University of New Haven
100 AFM characterization of Multilayered Graphene film used as Hydrogen Sensor Yuan You, V.N. Lakshmi, S.K. Sinha, D. Dutta, C.K.Sarkar, S. Basu University of New Haven
101 U-RAFT: Single-engine Hovercraft Sean Claffey, Martin Davis, Ryan Simpson, Nick DeMarco, Mike Pasquale Daniel Webster College
102 Collapsible Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (CVAWT) Casey Schaible Daniel Webster College
103 Wave-Source Buoy Generator Craig Bridge, Cory Clark, Scott Hiland, Joshua Ricci Daniel Webster College
104 Automated At Home Brewing System Nathaniel Caulfield Burr, Juan Catano, Daniel Lopez, Rolli Dudu Daniel Webster College
105 SAE Advanced Class Aircraft Patrick Bourque, Toshihiro Kihara, Nicholas Mura, Shane O'Day, Osayande Omondiagbe, Caitlin Chaffee Daniel Webster College
106 TEDD – The Totally Easy Drink Dispenser Timothy Graham, Oliver Bateman Daniel Webster College
107 3D Rapid Prototyping of Prosthetic Cardiac Valves for Biomedical Engineering Design Adityen Sudhakaran, Allan Chesarone, Marcin Slaczka, Shankar Krishnan Wentworth Institute of Technology
108 Innovative Surgical Procedure for Aortic Valve Implantation Allan James Chesarone, Adityen Sudhakaran, Shankar Krishnan Wentworth Institute of Technology
109 Application of Robotic Assistance to Stereotactic Neurosurgical Proceedures Emily Trabing , Shankar Krishnan Wentworth Institute of Technology
110 Design of a Transplantation Donor Organ Preservation System in Transit Brian Finn, Devin Richard, William Williams, Mansour Zenouzi, Shankar Krishnan Wentworth Institute of Technology
111 Total Knee Replacement: Problems and Solution Approaches Mosa Alzowelei Wentworth Institute of Technology
112 Control System For An Active Solar Hot Air Collector Joshua A. Stewart, Allen Guinoo, Lin Lin University of Southern Maine
113 Design of a UV LED Curing Cartridge for 3D Inkjet Printing of Electronic Circuits and Sensors Richard Wiswell, Mustafa Guvench University of Southern Maine
114 Design-Build-Test Roof R Jason M Willets, James Hubbard, Daniel Bleggi Naugatuck Valley Community College
115 Using High Sensitivity Pressure Measurements for the Detection of Infrasound Maxwell Perham University of Massachusetts Amherst
116 Classifying Social-Media Websites Mark Miller, Wei Lu Keene State College
117 Assessing the Feasibility of Incorporating Phase Change Materials into Hot Mix Asphalt Sarah Cote, Paul Bender, Rachel Lewis, Bryan Manning Worcester Polytechnic Institute
118 Head and Neck Injuries in Football Michele Mensing Worcester Polytechnic Institute
119 Design of STR Bioreactor for Production of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Upstream processing) Nasser Madkhaly,Saleh Matar University of Jazan
120 Remote Monitoring and Supervisory Control of Mobile Robots Using Cellular Phones Abdullah Mohammed Maghfuri, Khaled Mohammed Al-zemam, Ibraheim Saleh Kulaib Jazan University
121 A Methodology for Analyzing and Reducing Building Energy Consumption Eric Leong, Gregori John Tayco Cooper Union
122 Wearable Wireless Inertial Sensors for Estimation of Gait Parameters and its integration with Portable Harness Ambulatory System for Rehabilitation Naresh Poudel, Neelesh Kumar, Devdas Sheety University of the District of Columbia
123 Automatic Glass Bottle Opener Brett Bernier, Earl Hasselmark University of Hartford
124 The Robo: Semi-Autonomous Robot that detects objects and has speech capabilities Jiles,Krista Hill University of Hartford