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Professional Papers

# Title Author(s) Institute
1 Aspects of collaborations of college of engineering at King Saud University with industry Abdullah Ibrahim Almhaidib King Saud University
2 The Cost of Preventing a Buffer Overflow Anatoliy Gordonov The College of the Staten Island/ CUNY
3 An Innovative Approach to Teaching An Undergraduate Electromagnetics, Antennas and Propagation Course Paul B. Crilly United States Coast Guard Academy
4 Critical Success Factors for Winning Entrepreneurs and the Role of an Incubator - A Case Study Gad J. Selig University of Bridgeport
5 Educational Computer Program for Simulating Behavior of Structures under Dynamic Loads Mohammed-Noor Naher Al-Maghrabi, Ahmed A. Abdou El-Abbasy Jazan University
6 Using Mathematics Review to Enhance Problem Solving Skills in General Physics Classes Sunil Dehipawala, Vazgen Shekoyan, Haishen Yao Queensborough Community College
7 WolfBot: A Distributed Mobile Sensing Platform for Research and Education Joseph Betthauser, Daniel Benavides, Jeff Schornick, Neal O'Hara, Jimit Patel, Jeremy Cole, Edgar Lobaton North Carolina State University
8 Efficiency of College Education in the Labor Market of the United States William Alpert, Alexander Vaninsky University of Connecticut, Hostos Community College
9 A new Algorithm Based on Discrete Fourier Transform to Improve the Lifetime of Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks Communications Wafa Mohamed Elmannai, Khaled Elleithy University of Bridgeport
10 Steganography in Text by Using MS Word Symbols Ammar Odeh, Khaled Elleithy, Miad Faezipour University of Bridgeport
11 Linear Observers Design and Implementation Verica Radisavljevic-Gajic Villanova University
12 Authenticated Multiparty Secret Key Sharing Using Quantum Entanglement Swapping Muneer Alshowkan, Khaled Elleithy University of Bridgeport
13 Quantifying Sustainable Improvements: Interactions of Energy Efficient Construction Techniques and Estimating Their Efficiency Kyle Pustola, Can B. Aktas University of New Haven
14 Performance Analysis of WDM-PON FTTH Using Different Pulse Shapes at 10 Gbps and 20 Gbps Ali M Elrashidi University of Business and Technology
15 Investigating the Performance of Apodized Fiber Bragg Gratings for Sensing Applications Islam A Ashry University of Business and Technology
16 Can We Use A Matlab Application to Improve Student Performance on Trigonometry of Vector Problem Solving? Frank Caserta, James McCusker, Gloria Ma Wentworth Institute of Technology
17 Data Fusion Models in WSNs: Comparison and Analysis Marwah Almasri, Khaled Elleithy University of Bridgeport
18 Design of a Solar Tracking System for Renewable Energy Jeng-Nan Juang, Ramachandran Radharamanan Mercer University
19 Learning ANOVA Concepts Using Simulation Leslie Chandrakantha John Jay College of CUNY
20 High-Level Abstractions in Wireless Sensor Networks: Status, Taxonomy, Challenges, and Future Directions Abrar Mohammed Alajlan University of Bridgeport
21 Does the Birkbeck type bedload sediment trap effect local flow velocity? John Finnie University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
22 Theoretical versus Practical Results of an Advanced Power Model used in Communications of Wireless Sensor Networks Abdelrahman Elleithy, Gonhsin Liu, Varun Pande University of Bridgeport
23 Automatic Detection and Classification of Acoustic Breathing Cycles Omar Yahya, Miad Faezipour University of Bridgeport
24 MR Image Assisted Drug Delivery in Respiratory Tract and Trachea Tissues Based on an Enhanced Level Set Method Mohammad Daneshzand, Reza Zoroofi, Miad Faezipour University of Bridgeport
25 Design and Implementation of Least Mean Square Adaptive Filter on Fetal Electrocardiography Muhammad Wasimuddin, Navarun Gupta University of Bridgeport
26 Web-based Personalized Laboratories for Engineering Students Beverly Woolf, Enid Sichel, Mark Floryan University of Massachusetts
27 Robots and Smartphones for Attracting Students to Engineering Education Girma Tewolde Kettering University
28 Developing a Software Defined Networking Curriculum Through Industry Partnerships Carolyn Jean Sher-DeCusatis, Casimer DeCusatis New York City College of Technology
29 EM-SEP: An Efficient Modified Stable Election Protocol Arafat Abu Malluh, Khaled M Elleithy, Zakariya Qawaqneh, Ramadhan J Mstafa, Adwan Alanazi University of Bridgeport
30 Random Word Retrieval for Automatic Story Generation Richard Steven Colon, Prabir Patra, Khaled Elleithy University of Bridgeport
31 A Deeper Understanding of Technology is Needed for Workforce Readiness Ė Playing Games, Texting, and Tweets Arenít Enough to Make Students Tech-Savvy Teresa Piliouras, Pui Lam Raymond Yu, Kristin Villanueva, Holly Robillard, Yingxin Chen, Michael Berson, Jeanne R. Lauer, Garret Sampel, Daniel Lapinski, Maigh Attre Best We Can Be, Inc., AITE High School
32 A Highly Secure Quantum Communication Scheme for Blind Signature using Qubits and Qutrits Arafat Abu Mallouh, Khaled M Elleithy, Ramadhan Mstafa, Adwan Alanazi University of Bridgeport
33 A Magnetic Micropump with Tri-membrane Fully Differential Structure Lile Yu, Jingyun Xiao, Xingguo Xiong, Prabir Patram University of Bridgeport
34 Lessons Learned from Development of a Software Tool to Support Academic Advising Thomas Dodson, Nicholas Mattei, Joshua T. Guerin, Judy Goldsmith, Joan M. Mazur University of New South Wales, University of Tennessee at Martin, University of Kentucky
35 Visual Differential Calculus Andrew Grossfield Vaughn College
36 NYSIDís Project CREATE: An Organizational Model for Service Learning through Assistive Technology Development Joseph A. Levert Andy Grosso SUNY Maritime College
37 Pheromone Termite (PT) Model to provide Robust Routing over WSNs Abdul Razaque University of Bridgeport
38 Improving Retention by Mentoring and Tutoring Freshmen Students Ashwin Satyanarayana, Hong Li, Josephine Braneky New York City College of Technology
39 Improving Spatial Reasoning Ability While Learning Energy Efficient Construction: Students Who Build Physical Models vs. Students Who Develop 3D Computer Models Orla Smyth LoPiccolo Farmingdale State College
40 Moving towards problems assignments with reduced goal-specificity in introductory STEM courses Vazgen Shekoyan Quensborough Community College
41 Does Self-Regulating E-Learning Assist in Secondary School Preparation for Engineering Education? Richard Millham Durban University of Technology
42 Building Sustainability into Control Systems: Preliminary Assessment of a New Facilities-Based and Hands-On Teaching Approach Melody Baglione Cooper Union
43 Professional Education for the 21st Century Workforce Keith M Gardiner Lehigh University
44 Laboratory Experiments for Enhanced Learning of Electromechanical Devices Tomislav Bujanovic, Prasanta Ghosh Syracuse University
45 Implications of unchecked exponential growth David W Kraft University of Bridgeport
46 Mastery Learning in Statics Using the STEMSI Online Learning Environment Franco Capaldi Merrimack College
47 RFID-based Localization System for Mobile robot with Markov Chain Monte Carlo Hui Zhang, Joseph Chen, Kai Zhang Bradley University, Caterpillar Inc.
48 Development of courses directed on formation of competences demanded on the market of IT technologies Madina Mansurova, Darkhan Akhmed-Zaki, Anna Pyrkova Al- Farabi Kazabi Kazakh National University
49 The Enhancement of Students Learning Through COMSOL Simulation Projects Yves Ngabonziza, Hendrick Delcham City University of New York
50 Reintroducing Six Sigma DMAIC Processes using a Hands on Approach Joseph Chen, Mark Molnar Bradley University
51 A Model to Build, Assess, and Reflect on Studentsí Metacognition through the Classroom Debate of Controversial Environmental Issues Matthew Baideme, Cristian Robbins, Jeffrey Starke United States Military Academy
52 Phylogenetic Analysis Using Bayesian Model Wei Lu Keene State College
53 Ocean Circulation in a Rotating Tank: An Outreach Project in Fluid Dynamics Shanon Reckinger, Blanca Aca, Katherine Pitz Fairfield University
54 MEMS Dual-mode Electrostatically Actuated Micromirror Xingguo Xiong, Hanyu Xie University of Bridgeport
55 An Opportunistic Frequency Channels Selection Scheme for Interference Minimization Syed S Rizvi, Khaled Elleithy, Mustafa Khan University of Bridgeport
56 Magneto taxis for Nanofabrication Isaac George Macwan, Zihe Zhao Omar Sobh, Prabir Patra University of Bridgeport, University of Pennsylvania
57 Use of Smart Table in Educational Institutions to Enhance Student Learning Performance Dan Tenney, Naif Jalal University of Bridgeport
58 Service learning projects in environmental engineering courses: Models of community engagement activities Tara Kulkarni Norwich University
59 Goal Directed Design of Serial Robotic Manipulators Sarosh Patel, Tarek Sobh University of Bridgeport
60 Enhancing Assessment of Experiential Learning in Engineering Education through Electronic Portfolios Gary P. Halada, Nancy McCoy Wozniak Stony Brook University
61 Using the EPSA Rubric to Evaluate Student Work on Ethics Case Studies in a Professional Issues Course Edwin R. Schmeckpeper, Mike Kelley Steve Beyerlein Norwich University, University of Idaho
62 Creating an Economical Solar Decathlon House Edwin Schmeckpeper, Matthew P. Lutz, Michael Puddicombe, Jeffrey R. Mountain, Jack Patterson Norwich University
63 Exploring Electrochemical Technology: A Perspective on the ASEE/NSF Small Business Postdoctoral Research Diversity Fellowship Dr. Julie N. Renner, Dr. Kathy E. Ayers Proton OnSite
64 Seven Vís of Big Data Understanding Big Data to Extract Value M. Ali-ud-din Khan, Muhammad Fahim Uddin, Navarun Gupta University of Bridgeport